Cuddle With Cats at a Cat Cafe

Cuddle With Cats at a Cat Cafe

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Cuddle With Cats at a Cat Cafe
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Cuddle With Cats at a Cat Cafe

• Enjoy the company of Cats & Kittens as you sip coffee and enjoy refreshments.
• All of the cats are friendly and great with children.
• 2 Coffees and 2 snacks are included for your enjoyment!

This is the king of all cat related experiences. If you love cats, or know someone who enjoys feline companions, this is the perfect adventure for you. Enter a Cat Café where you will be able to play, cuddle, and enjoy the company of multiple cats. While you're sipping your coffee and nibbling your pastry, little, adorable kittens will be purring around your leg, begging for your love and affection. All of the cats are absolutely friendly, and ready for lovin'! Don't worry, even the coffee and sweets are promised to be as great as the cats! If you don't like cats or have cat related allergies, this experience is not for you. CAT LOVERS ONLY!

Bring your pet-crazed friend along for a lovely café experience!

30 Minutes
This experience includes a 30 minute visit to a Cat Cafe with two Coffees and 2 snacks (cookies, brownies, blondies, apple tarts, Cat Shaped Cookies and other specialities).
1, 2, or 4 people, all ages!

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