Make Glass Wedding Goblets

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Make Glass Wedding Goblets
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Make Glass Wedding Goblets

• Work with glass firsthand under the careful guidance of a professional glassblower.
• Bond with a significant other as a work of art is created to resemble your mutual relationship!
• Walk away with an elogant glass goblet to celebrate the joining of two people!

A wedding is a magical and facinating union between two people. It is a union that should be held sacred while being celebrated. Why not celebrate this unique union with an equally unique experience? How better to show a lovely couple in your life that they are special to you then to provide them with a special experience where they can work with each other to create something unique, sacred, and special?

Set up a lesson in glasswork where a professional instructor will work with the couple to create stunningly beautiful Wedding Goblets. These Goblets will remind the couple of the time they've shared together and keep you in their thoughts for giving them this gift of experience. The lesson begins with the couple coordinating the colors and designs they wish for their matching couple of Goblets. Once the Goblets are designed, the glass will be blown and created to fit the specifications chosen. The couple will then get the oppotunity to work with the glass itself in close quarters with the professional instructor. When the glass is finally shaped, it will take a night to cool. Once cooled, the couple will be able to cherish the experience and their marriage with their brand new, customized glassware!

Give an experience gift that ends with a lasting present and is fun and enjoyable to all who are involved. It is a lesson in glass blowing as well as working together, which is perfect for a newly-wed couple.

3 hours.
A fun and unforgettable lesson in the process and basics of glass blowing and sculpture creationHands-on experience with a professional glasswork instructorA pair of Goblets to take home for the lovely couple
2 People, Ages 11+
Experiences must be scheduled 3 weeks or more in advance. Scheduling is not available last minute.

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