Craft Beer Bar Crawl

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Craft Beer Bar Crawl
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Craft Beer Bar Crawl

• Guests will try at least 10 different beers along the tour.
• Food is included! Guests are going to want something to soak up all the beer!
• By the time the tour is over, guests will feel like they know all there is to know about craft beers, beer brewing, and beer history.

This is a tour for beer lovers everywhere. The tour begins at Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and ends after 3 &1/2 hours of beer tasting, so come thirsty! Guests will learn about what goes into the brewing process, what ingredients are used, and how each step is carefully implemented in the creation process in order to achieve the final product.

Among lessons in beer creation, there will also be facts about the city's beer history and how craft beers have become the new wine of the 21st century. Each bar along the tour has it's own specialties and atmosphere, so there will be plenty chances to try new things and engage in the local drinking culture! The tour guide is a well-versed local and professional who will be able to give guests background and feedback on just about everything on the tour. Once the tour is over, guests will feel as if they have become craft beer connoisseurs with all of the knowledge (and beer) they've consumed.

This tour really is for those beer lovers everywhere. It is an ode to beer lovers in a way. If you know anyone who loves craft beers or local Brooklyn history, then you've found the perfect gift!

3 hours
This experience gift includes all food tastings and beverages (over 10 beers), transportation during the tour, tour guide services, and a neighborhood map with additional tour related info.
For 1, 2, or 4 people21 or older
Must be 21 or older to tour!

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