Book a private couples lesson with a professional PGA-level instructor.

Work on your golf swing and take your game to the next level!

Get advice and tips on how to better your game, for all skill levels.

Experience The Sewane Club a private country club with a golf course built in 1927








Whether you and your significant other have never touched a golf club or are scratch golfers, this PGA Professional golf lesion will improve your game and be a great time spent with one another. Could be great for a birthday, anniversary or just a fun weekend activity.




Tailor the private lesson to what you want to learn, from receiving golf tips, to getting ground up training.




This experience is great for anyone of any skill level; veterans will be able to work on their technique and perfect their swing, while beginners will learn how the sport is played. See your swing in a frame-by-frame live video playback and get feedback on how to improve your swing.




Your PGA professional, Vincenzo Rallo is a premier PGA professional operating out of the privately owned Seawane Club in Hewlitt Harbor, New York which touts itself as a “home away from home.” Vincenzo takes deep interest in each of his students, ensuring that they become better golfers and just as importantly, to enjoy the game as much as he does.


Anyone who has dreamed of playing golf like a pro will receive the best possible teaching techniques. Even accomplished players will find their most challenging questions answered. Schedule a lesson and take your swings. Play golf at a level beyond what you’ve imagined. Or take a leisurely class on the green and enjoy the calm and peaceful environment.




Get on your feet, experience a whole new world of fun, and be educated in one of the finest sports ever played.




All equipment will be provided for use in the Golf Lessons With A PGA Pro experience.

One hour lesson
One hour golf lesson for two people.
Golf lesson for couples

1 Hour Lesson

Locations: Choose between Closter Golf Center, Bergen County, NJ or The Seawane Club, Hewlett Harbor, NY

Lessons are suitable for all skill levels from beginners to experienced golfers

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