Coney Island Fun Tour

 Adventure through Coney Island, Brooklyn's most visited neighborhood
 Take advantage of beautiful and cultural photo opportunities
 Make stops at the attractions such as Brighton Beach, The Boardwalk, Luna Park, and Astroland

Coney Island never gets old. It is one of the most active areas of the city during any season. From it's beautiful beach landscape to it's many tourist attractions, there is always something new to see and do!

This tour will take guests on an engaging adventure through Coney Island and the surrounding neighborhoods, stoping at the coolest locations. The tour starts at Union Square where you will be transported via SUV, mini-bus, or van to Coney Island. The tour guide will provide some historical background about the area, as well as tips on how to make the most out of a visit! This tour is ideal for people who have just moved to the city and want to explore or for people just looking to enjoy a day-trip. The exciting art, people, culture, and attractions will encourage guests to come back for more. There is always fun to have at Coney Island, Brooklyn.

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New York
3 hours
This experience includes a 3 hour tour with a licensed tour guide, as well as multiple stops for photo opportunities and a chance to enjoy Astorland/Luna Park. The tour also includes vehicular transportation from Union Square to Coney Island, around Coney Island, and around it's neighborhoods, but NOT back to Manhattan.
Everybody who's up for a super fun Coney Island Bus Tour.

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Coney Island Fun Tour
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