Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts That Create Memories

It's time for Christmas shopping and you're thinking: What should I gift? Will my gift make an impact? Will the recipients appreciate it?

How about this? What if you decide to gift an experience this Christmas? Wouldn't that make your holidays more memorable? In the long run, our memories and experiences have more power and bring more happiness that material items. Not only that but they also create a strong bond with the person we share them with and that we care about.


Wouldn't you remember and appreciate these experiences more than material gifts? We have no doubt so take a look around and reach out if you need some inspiration.

67 Experiences

Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her

Surprise someone these holidays with an experience that anyone can enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to see Manhattan from Above? Make a Helicopter Tour of NYC your next Christmas Gift. Afraid of Heights? You can gift a Jet Ski around the Statue of Liberty (year-round!), Dinner Cruise, Brunch for 2. Maybe you are in need of something more simple. You can opt for Christmas gift ideas such as a bike tour of Central Park, a Vineyard Tour, a Pasta Dinner or a soothing Spa Massage.

Christmas Gifts for Him:

These experiences can be enjoyed everyone. This time you might have your dad in mind and you’re thinking, what would be a good Christmas Gift idea for him that won’t be forgotten in the closet and that he will enjoy for sure? Treat him to a Classic Barbershop Cut & Shave Experience, a Steakhouse Dinner or go all out and give him the thrill of driving a Ferrari.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Foodies:

How do you give someone a delicious meal as a Christmas Gift? You know your girlfriend or boyfriend wants only delicious food but you need to hand him or her something when it's time to gift. Let's also rule out wrapping up a meal in a lunchbox and putting it under the Christmas Tree. With this in mind we’ve created several dinner themed Christmas Gift Ideas for Him, Her and pretty much everyone who enjoys going out to eat.