Chocolate Creation Party

• Bring up to 8 people for a real "hands on" chocolate party!
• Earn experience as a chocolatier by actually creating different chocolate treats!
• Indulge in the creativity and deliciousness as everyone in the party gets to take their creations home!

We know you love chocolates, but wouldn't you love to learn how to make chocolate of your own?

This is the experience that rolls fun, creativity, being social, and dessert all into one. The chocolatier onsite can teach you and your party how to make things like chocolate truffles, candy bars, and gourmet chocolate, among many other things. We're happy to customize the experience to you and your party's interests. If you've ever wondered what goes into the taste and perfection of creating chocolate, then this is the experience for you! Share the experience that your party will leave from not only saying "Sweet!" but with sweets!

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JoMart Chocolates

Minimum of 2 & 1/2 Hours
Consultation with a professional chocolatierTasting Your Own Creations and Taking Them HomeDesigning The Perfect Chocolate Experience For You And Your Party including Customizing the lesson in chocolate-making techniques of your choiceTasting Different Chocolates From Around The WorldLearning about tempering chocolateThe Option Of Making Your Own Candy BarThe Option Of Working With Caramel
6 - 8 People, All Ages

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Chocolate Creation Party
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