Learn to make Chocolate

Learn to make Chocolate

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Learn to make Chocolate
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Learn to make Chocolate

• Learn the steps it takes to create luxurious chocolates.
• Take home everything made to enjoy on your own time!
• Bring a friend or significant other for a sweet experience.

This is a guided “do it yourself" lesson on how to make chocolate! If you've ever wondered what goes perfecting the quintessential taste of chocolate, then this is the experience for you!

This lesson gives a whole new understanding to chocolate lovers and it turns them into chocolate makers, and—best of all—they get to taste and take home their creations after their lesson. Do you have interest in working with caramel? How about creating your own candy bar? You’ll be able to design the perfect chocolate experience for your tastes. So grab a buddy, girlfriend, or family member and come have some fun being a part of a sweet class that’s delicious enough to eat!

Minimum of 2 & 1/2 Hours
Designing The Perfect Chocolate Experience For You And Your PartyTasting Different Chocolates From Around The WorldLearning about tempering chocolateThe Option Of Making Your Own Candy BarThe Option Of Working With CaramelTasting Your Own Creations and Taking Them Home
2 people, All Ages

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