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Central Park Photography Tour/Class

Central Park Photography Tour/Class

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Central Park Photography Tour/Class
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Central Park Photography Tour/Class

See the sights in the scenic, beautiful, and natural landscape that is NY's famous Central Park.
 Learn about the in-and-outs of Central Park's history in a relaxing and engaging fashion along the tour.
 Take advice and tips on how to better your photos and photography skills.

Central Park is a beautiful place for all sorts of photos. The real trick is finding the perfect locations to match the photos that one wants to take. This tour covers all the bases by bringing guests to ideal photo spots and explaining why certain photos flourish in these spots. This tour/class stops at the most famous areas in Central Park such as Cherry Hill, Bethesda Fountain, The Bow Bridge, The Literary Walk, and more for guests' historical, sightseeing, and viewing pleasures.

Learn about the techniques of taking photos and what makes a photo shimmer amongst all others. This tour is a multi-purpose experience for those who want to see the sights and learn lessons in photography. Enjoy historical and architectural facts as you take in the scenery and create scenes only seen in dream sequences. Perfect for art students, tourists, foreigners, and photographers! You do not have to have any photography skill to enjoy this tour.

2 hours
This experience gift includes professional photographer and licensed tour guide services along a 2 hour tour. Lessons in history and photography are also included.
1, 2, or 4 people, All ages Free for Children 5 or Younger
Make sure to bring a camera! This tour is free for children ages 5 or younger.

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