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Central Park Bike Tour

Central Park Bike Tour

About Central Park Bike Tour

• See the historical sights of Central Park on this unique bicycle tour!
• Take advantage of the great opportunity to exercise and explore!
• Get a chance to spot celebrities and movie shoots along the way

Central Park is a unique break from the city surrounding it. The park has a history dating back to the beginnings of NYC, and yet it continues to be extremely different from all that is around it. From the landscape of nature to the abundance of wildlife, this park is anything but city-life.

The tour starts just a block away from Central Park and Columbus Cirlce and continues through the parks beautiful sights and nature. Guests will have opportunities to see historical landmarks, expansive architecture, celebrity homes, wildlife, and, of course, the NYC skyline. Guests might even spot a celebrity or two! The very well-versed tour guide will also treat guests to locations where Hollywood Blockbusters were shot, like Elf, Big Daddy, Kramer vs. Kramer, and Home Alone Two.

So take a break from the monotonous routine, hop on a bicycle, and see the city with new eyes! This tour is perfect for movie buffs, history enthusiasts, obsessive bikers, and every kind of NYC tourist! Bring a friend or family member and enjoy the atmosphere of Central Park.

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About 2 hours & covers 7 miles of Central Park.
This experience gift includes a bicycle with a basket, a helmet and lock for the bicycle, professional tour guide services, Central Park sights, Hollywood Movie sights, locations of celebrity homes, and a map of Central Park.
Valid for:
This tour is for 1, 2 or 4 people of all ages.
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Central Park Bike Tour
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