Cake Decorating Party

Cake Decorating Party

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Cake Decorating Party
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Cake Decorating Party

• Have a creative cake making party for up to ten children!
• No travel necessary, we'll bring the baking party to you.
• Consider all set-up & clean-up part of the party service!

This is the greatest experience for your little one to share with his/her friends. Imagine a guided learning experience combined with a fun teamwork activity! Choose from baking a full size cake or a bunch of personal cupcakes and the rest is cake, pun intended. This baking party service will do everything from setting up decorations and music to bringing in food! Once the party group has arrived, the creativity will begin! All of the kids will be getting messy and having fun with the guided baking instructor who is a professional with kids as well as with cakes! After everything is baked and the party is cleaned up, all treats and goodies get to be taken home to enjoy! Don't worry, the adults get treats too. Invite the celebration to your home or to the service venue, the flavor is up to you!

This is ideal for a children's celebration of any kind, i.e. Birthdays, Graduations, Communions, etc...!

A few hours
This experience includes all materials and ingredients needed to make a cake, set-up and clean-up, professional guidance from a lead chef, and a special party theme! You also take home all creations!
Up to 10 people, all ages!

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