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Bushwick Artist Studio Tour

Bushwick Artist Studio Tour

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Bushwick Artist Studio Tour
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Bushwick Artist Studio Tour

• Submerge yourself in the art and culture of Bushwick, Brooklyn on this studio tour.
• At the end of the tour, walk away with a piece of original art, something that’ll be uniquely yours.
• Bring up to 15 people!

Looking for things to do in Bushwick? This art studio tour is an exclusive and exciting look into one of Brooklyn’s most hip neighborhoods.

Walk among the locals and become captivated by the vivacious art community of Bushwick. You’ll get to hear from all sorts of artists about their work and experiences. They’ll even leave you with something to take home, whether it’s a small piece of original art or a swag bag. You’ll explore all types of art including paintings and sculptures.

You’ll be guided by the expert tour guides who will share anything and everything they know about this beautiful neighborhood. Don’t forget to bring your camera because there will be plenty of opportunities for some cool photo ops.

Dive deep into the world of art and channel your inner Picasso with this incredible experience!

2 hours
A 2 hour guided tour visiting artist's studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Includes welcome drinks, take home art, swag bag + more!
1-15 People, All Ages
This group tour is for up to 15 people.

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