Bungee jump with a 100 foot fall from Bridge to Nowhere

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Bungee jump with a 100 foot fall from Bridge to Nowhere

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Bungee jump with a 100 foot fall from Bridge to Nowhere
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Bungee jump with a 100 foot fall from Bridge to Nowhere

Bungee Jumping on the Bridge to Nowhere

Enjoy a day of thrilling bungee jumping, a fun adventure

The Bridge to Nowhere is a lonely bridge surrounded on all sides by the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. 
Meeting point is at the trailhead and you walk the 5-mile hike to the bridge. 
The hike is an adventure in it self with narrow pathways and cliffs, and you will cross the river multiple times. Enjoy both great sights and several crossings of the river/creek.

Once you get to the bridge you will learn all about the mechanics behind what you're doing, and spend the afternoon bungee jumping with this 2 jump experience. Return on the hike back, arriving at your car before dark.

This bungee jump adventure is an adrenaline kick combined with an adventurous hike.

Approximately 8 hours incl. hike both ways
2 jumps incl. equipment
1 person, min 18 years old
Book well in advance. You will walk 5 miles to the bridge at a brisk pace. The hike takes about 2 hours going there each way. Make sure to bring: Portable charger; extra socks, shoes and clothes (you WILL be crossing the river 6-10x so have extra socks in your car waiting for you); plenty of water (they will have filtered water at the location but best to bring your own, too); and sun block The hike can be treacherous in that there are plenty of narrow pathways/cliffs you'll have to walk through. Make sure you have sturdy shoes!

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