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Create Your Own Burgers

Create Your Own Burgers

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Total price: $35
Create Your Own Burgers
Total price: $35 Price
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Create Your Own Burgers

• Build a burger!
• Bring a Friend!
• Chow down and melt away as you enter burger heaven!

Craving a mouthwatering burger that’ll leave a lasting impression? Take your usual burger to whole new levels by building your own meaty masterpiece!

Invite your foodie friend with an appetite as big as yours, and spend an evening building your own customizable burger over drinks. This experience lets you choose from dozens of options—keep things simple with classic beef, shake things up with a spicy slab of lamb, or give things a nautical spin with a premium crabby patty. Top things off with an endless array of house-made, organic ingredients. Your dining destiny is in your hands—go wild with dinner!

The length of dinner.
2 Build-your-own burgers 2 drinks (1 per person) Sales Tax and Tips are not included
2 People, All Ages

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Previous reviews

I went to Burger Guru with a group of 5 friends and 3 vouchers and we had a great experience! All 6 of us got the Kobe Beef Burger and we got to choose any combination of toppings we wanted including egg, avocado, chili, and much more. The manager even came over and made friendly small talk. The ambiance is laid back. Definitely going back.
Peter Lindholm
Its just one of those spaces that you would perhaps miss in the immense amount of places in Williamsburg but after being there you wish you would have known off. Probably one of the best burgers I have had and the service and people down there are just so nice. Go for the classic Kobe if you ask me and just wait to be amazed. Great place!

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