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Brunch for 2, Citywide

Brunch for 2, Citywide

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Total price: $50
Brunch for 2, Citywide
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Brunch for 2, Citywide
  • A brunch for 2 redeemable all over NYC
  • Includes enough for about 2 entrees and 2 beverages 
  • Different menus available depending on the restaurant chosen
It's no secret that New Yorkers have a special relationship with a wonderful mix of breakfast and lunch called Brunch. Why not take it a bit further with this Experience Gift Card:
This tasty brunch for 2 is redeemable at various restaurant and cafes across the 5 boroughs. It includes 2 entrees and 2 glasses of refreshing juice, mimosas, wine or coffee depending on the place of redemption.

Brunch items vary but we can all agree they are all delicious. No matter the place you choose you can always expect some classics such as Eggs Benedict, Burgers, Steak & Eggs, Pancakes, egg sandwiches along with some specialty items such Avocado Toast, Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Pizza, Chilaquiles, and more...
Choose from several atmospheric, cozy cafes and eateries and look forward to enjoying a nice meal, the morning sun and some nice hangover cures. Enjoy yourself this wonderful experience or give a brunch gift card to a couple you love, your parents, or a friend.
Take your time and enjoy
Includes a consumption of $40 which is usually enough for 2 brunch entrees and 2 juices or coffees which can be exchanged for mimosas at some establishments.
Brunch for 2 without any age restrictions. Alcoholic beverages only for people 21 and up.
The individual brunch menu varies from place to place. However all restaurants chosen have a 4 star rating or higher The brunch day also varies as some businesses offer brunch all week and some only on Saturdays or Sundays

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