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Brownstone Brooklyn Eats Tour

Brownstone Brooklyn Eats Tour

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Brownstone Brooklyn Eats Tour
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Brownstone Brooklyn Eats Tour

 Eat, eat, and when you're done eating, eat some more!
 Learn about the history behind Brooklyn and how it came to be the center for foodies that it is today!
 See the intricate area that makes up this area of Brooklyn and engage in the culture that surrounds.

This is the food tour we've all fantasized about. Go from eatery to restaurant to store front munching on the most creative and interesting dishes. This tour has it all; Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian, and more! The tour starts on Smith st. in Brooklyn's budding neighborhood for artisanal foods and culinary delights, and you can bet it won't end until you've had your fill!

Although this is a food tour, there will be plenty of historical background into how this area of Brooklyn came to be what it is today. The tour will have the privilege of speaking with business owners, locals, and restaurant managers about how the neighborhood has grown, as well as how these people came to be part of it all!

This experience will be perfect for foodies, groups, and family! Friends are cool, too, of course!

3 hours
This experience gift includes all food tastings and beverages, all transportation during the tour, the tour guide's services, and a neighborhood map with additional tour related info.
For 1, 2, or 4 people. All ages. Minors must in be in the presence of an adult.
Minors must in be in the presence of an adult. Make sure to come hungry!

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