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Brewed in Brooklyn: Beer & Pizza Tour

Brewed in Brooklyn: Beer & Pizza Tour

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Brewed in Brooklyn: Beer & Pizza Tour
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Brewed in Brooklyn: Beer & Pizza Tour

Taste fresh beers from an operating brewery and have some beers at a craft bar!
Learn about the history behind Brooklyn's beer culture.
Enjoy some classic Brooklyn pizza from the booming neighborhood of Williamsburg

This is a Brooklyn breweries tour like no other! The tour starts out at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg and ends at a craft beer bar, also in Williamsburg, so from beginning to end, guests will be emerged in beer! Through the tour, guests will be touring the insides of an actual brewery, view and learn about the 48 breweries that used to exist in Brooklyn, and enjoy some classic slices of Brooklyn Pizza. All beers and pizza are included in the tour, so just relax, drink, eat, and take it all in!

Most of the lessons in history will be done from the street, so be prepared to do some walking! The tour guide is well versed on the area and will be able to answer any and all questions along the tour. Since the tour ends at a craft beer bar, you'll have the chance to sit and reflect on all that happened over the tour with the tour guide and other guests!

This is the tour for those who are beer crazy or in love with Brooklyn. Bring you interests, thirst, and love of the city to this tour for some fun, pizza, and beer!

3.5 hours
This experience gift includes all food tastings and beverages, transportation during the tour, tour guide services, and a neighborhood map with additional tour related info.
For 1, 2, or 4 people 21 and older
Must be 21 or older to tour!

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