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Brooklyn Art Studio Private Group Tour

Brooklyn Art Studio Private Group Tour

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Total price: $450
Brooklyn Art Studio Private Group Tour
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Brooklyn Art Studio Private Group Tour

• Submerge yourself in the art and culture of Brooklyn on this studio tour.
• At the end of the tour, walk away with a piece of original art, something that’ll be uniquely yours.
• Bring up to 15 people!

Sure, you may have seen a Monet or even the Mona Lisa but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all. Local art is considered some of the best work because it illustrates the social and political atmosphere of any given place. If you want to get to know Brooklyn, the best way is through the art that lives here. Make your way through Park Slope and Gowanus, where most of the artists have settled down, with the best tour guides Brooklyn has to offer.

This isn’t just any art tour, this experience includes interacting with the artists and their many mediums. Be prepared to show off your own artistic skills. You might just learn a thing or two from the professionals.

Hey, you might just become someone’s muse along the way!
This tour is perfect for any type of artist. Consider it the inspiration you've been looking for!

2 hours
A 2 hour guided tour visiting artist's studios in Brooklyn. Includes welcome drinks, take home art, swag bag + more!
For 1 to 15 people
This group tour is for up to 15 people.

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