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Broadway Bites Dessert Tour

Broadway Bites Dessert Tour

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Broadway Bites Dessert Tour
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Broadway Bites Dessert Tour

• Engage in the culture of the area while chowing down on Manhattan's sweetest desserts.
• Meet actual actors who've had real-time experience in NYC!
• Take in facts, tips, advice about the area, activities in the area, and Broadway.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a behind the scenes look at Broadway, this experience is perfect for you. Unlike most of the other tours out there, this tour promises real actors who double as tour guides. You’ll be getting the most exclusive information about what happens on Broadway. Maybe you’ll even spot a celebrity!

As if that wasn’t enough, this tour also combines the beauty of musicals with the most delectable desserts in the area. After all, the NY Cheesecake is one of the best things this city has to offer. Experiment with chocolate egg creams, black and white cookies, and other NY desserts. At the end of this tour you’ll be bursting with knowledge…and treats!

About 2 hours
Guests will have the opportunity to try classic New York style desserts like cheesecake, chocolate egg creams, black and white cookies, deli favorites, and more!
1 Person, All Ages
We are able to accommodate some allergies. If you have food allergies, you must notify us prior to your tour. The meeting location may change seasonally, and this information will be confirmed in your confirmation email.

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