Brick Oven Pizzas for 2

Brick Oven Pizzas for 2

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Total price: $ 45
Brick Oven Pizzas for 2
Total price: $ 45 Total price:
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Brick Oven Pizzas for 2
  • Brick Oven Pizza dinner for 2 redeemable across NYC
  • Includes enough for about 2 personal pizzas and 2 beverages 
  • Different menus available depending on the restaurant chosen
Pizza Pizza Pizza.  Do we need to say more?  Maybe, yes.  These are oven brick pizzas which are way tastier than their typical oven found at your .99 cent slice joint. 

This experience takes you to some of the best brick oven pizza places in New York.  Just tells us which neighborhood you prefer and we will take you there. 

This tasty pizza dinner for 2 is redeemable at various restaurant and across the 5 boroughs. It includes 2 personal pizzas and 2 non alcoholic beverages that you can exchange for wine at some establishments. 

Pizza items on the menu will vary but all of them will be delicious. No matter the place you choose you can always expect some classics  and special items such as Margherita, Pizza with Salame (Pepperoni), Arugula and Prosciutto, Soppressata, Mushrooms and Ham, 4 cheeses and MANY more. 

Choose from several atmospheric, cozy eateries and look forward to enjoying a nice meal filled with cultural tradition.
Enjoy yourself this wonderful experience or give a brunch gift card to a couple you love, your parents, or a friend.

Take your time and enjoy
Includes enough for about 2 personal pizzas and 2 beverages * Content may vary from place to place, and content may not necessarily be identical to the menu card at that restaurant. You are always guaranteed content for the gift card face value.
Dinner for 2 without any age restrictions. Alcoholic beverages only for people 21 and up.
Menus vary from place to place. However all restaurants chosen have similar offerings and a 4 star rating or higher.

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