Brew Like a Barista

• This class will teach you how to make the perfect cup o' Joe at home!
• Learn the tips & tricks in Latte art to impress your friends and family.
• Leave the lesson loving and appreciating coffee even more than before!

Take a trip to one of NYC's best coffee joints where you will learn everything there is to know about being a professional New York City barista. Truly spend a day in their shoes as you learn the tricks to Latte art and how to operate the magical, and fascinating espresso machines! This is a hands-on experience where patrons will be guided buy the professionals every step of the way. Not to worry, you'll also have time to drink plenty and expiriment with the products yourself. If you love coffee, than you've found the perfect day-experience. Learn about espresso theory, shot extraction, milk texturing, brewing methods, and so much more!

Treat yourself to a caffeine filled day, perfect for those of use that can't go without our morning cup!

The duration of this experience depends on the location chosen, but Go Dream advises patrons to clear their day for this experience.
This experience includes a workshop for people to learn what it takes to become a professional Barista. This includes lessons on milk texture, brewing methods, flavor, and so much more!
For 1 or 2 people, all ages!

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Brew Like a Barista
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