Bottle Service at the Club

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Bottle Service at the Club
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Bottle Service at the Club

• Have bottles of your favorite liquor brought straight to you at an NYC nightclub!
• Enjoy a VIP table all to yourself and your closest friends for the ultimate nightclub experience.
• Everything will be ready for your arrival, so all you need to do is show up and have fun!

This is the kind of experience that leaves you feeling like the king of the world. Rent a VIP table in one of NYC's most exclusive nightclubs for the perfect nightlife experience. Once at your VIP table, waiters will come straight to you and your friends with bottles of your favorite beverage, mixers, and all else you might need. Better yet, they'll make a show of it in order to let all other club-goers know that you're the "big cheese" tonight! You and your friends will feel like royalty. Our Go Dream Concierge will work with you to pick the best suited club for your needs, but none of our selections are of lesser value than any other. All night clubs available in this experience are of the highest-quality, some being rooftop locations, and others being even more exuberant than that. Truly treat yourself to a night on the town like none other!

This experience is ideal for birthday parties, job promotion celebrations, and retirements! Just think about how special your special event could be!

Depends on the chosen club's hours of operations. Patrons may stay as long as the club is open.
This experience includes bottle service to your table at a club of your selection. Bottle service means a waiter will be assigned to bring a bottle of liquor, mixers, and drinks directly to your VIP table, which is also included. Drinks include Absolut, Moet Champagne, Tanqueray, Malibu among other Vodka, Rum, Champagne, Tequila and Whiskey options.
For 1 - 8 people, ages 21 & up!
Must be 21 or older to enjoy this experience!

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