Boozy Brooklyn Tasting Tour

• Tour through Brooklyn for some of the most unique tastes in the city!
• Walk, talk, drink, and eat! What more could you want from a New York City tour!?
• Visit the booming Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, full of things to do!

Brooklyn is best known for its hipsters, bagels, and hip-hop but it’s also home to some of the best breweries in the U.S. This experience will introduce you to the unique charm of Brooklyn, while experimenting the many flavors it has to offer. Excite your palate with a variety of hot sauces, Brooklyn-made brews, and finally ice cream made by an Iron Chef contestant. After this tour, you’ll be able to consider yourself a certified NYC Foodie. In addition, tour guides are trained to tackle any questions you might have about the borough, since they’re locals themselves!

Why take a bunch of tours when you can get all of it in just one? That’s exactly what we’re offering with this tour. Whether you’re a tourist or you’ve lived here your entire life, there’s plenty of exploring left to do.

This tour will keep you and your taste buds on your toes!

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3 hours
Stroll around New York’s trendiest borough and soak up the best of Brooklyn on this guided Boozy Brooklyn Tasting Tour.Includes beer, wine, BBQ sandwich (veg option), guided hot sauce tasting, ice cream, chocolate & Tote Bag
Participants must be 21 or older
Participants must be 21 or older

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Boozy Brooklyn Tasting Tour
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