Bike to the Breweries

Bike to the Breweries

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Bike to the Breweries
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Bike to the Breweries

• Get a fitness workout while visiting historic NYC sites!
• Obtain insight into the locations and operations of NYC Breweries.
• Feel free to pick the brain of the locally knowledgeable brewery tour guide!

Beer and bikes, should I say more? This is a classic tour taking a different route altogether. You and a group of bicyclists will travel around Manhattan and the surrounding burroughs to check out some of the most historic, popular, and functioning beer breweries in operation. You'll weave through the city like locals with speed! The local tour guide will give you cool details and insights into the goings-ons and day-to-day operations within the breweries, as well as any answers to any question you might have. This is truly an amazing tour, just as dedicated and passionate as all NYC tours, if not more. Combining a healthy workout with a feeding of the mind will bring you a satisfaction with NYC you'll never find anywhere else. Check out this tour just to see the city and truly get into the thick of it all, if not to learn about beer and brewing it!

This is ideal for the the fit-crazed New Yorker who hits the pubs on the weekends. Bring a few friends for the perfect NYC tour experience!

Most of the day
This experience includes bike rental, safety equipment, a tour guide, and a tour through all 5 boroughs of NYC visiting beer breweries all along the way!
For 1 or 2 people, ages 21 & up!
Patrons must be at least 21 years of age to participate in this experience.

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