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Beach Weekend in Cape May

Beach Weekend in Cape May

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Total price: $500
Beach Weekend in Cape May
Total price: $500 Price
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Beach Weekend in Cape May

• The hotel will be right on the beach for your group to enjoy easy access!
• Cape May is only a few hours way from NYC, but you wouldn't be able to tell!
• Access an amazing summer-style vacation as easily as taking a bus!

The Jersey Shore is not at all what television makes it seem like. Sure, there are areas that have their parties, socialites, and college-age kids, but Cape May is nothing like it. This is the side of Jersey Shore reserved for those who just want to relax and get away. Comfortably a few hours from NYC, this vacation spot has been rated one of the best, close destinations for family getaways. There all sorts of tourist attractions, things to do on the beach, and stuff to check out in the town! With three days, you and your group will be able to make the best out of the entire experience! Jump on a bus with your loved ones for a weekend of sun, fun, and relaxation in Cape May!

Perfect for a family vacation surprise or anniversary getaway.

3 days & 2 nights
This experience includes a luxurious 3 day, 2 night stay at one of Cape May's highest rated hotels or Bed & Breakfasts!
For 2 adults & up to 2 children!
Children must be accompanied by adults to participate in this experience.

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