Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate Your Love With One-Of-A-Kind Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tradition states that you should give your significant other a present based on how many years you’ve been together (i.e. paper for the first year, wooden for five). Who says you can’t think outside the box with the perfect gift for your life partner in crime, though? Experience something new with these anniversary gift ideas, from an electrifying body painting session to a deliciously hands-on chocolate truffle-making class.

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Anniversary Gifts

Which day is it again? Surely this time you’ll remember! Whether you’re the type who is always on point when it comes to special dates or you’re the type who can barely remember your own birthday, we are sure that your significant other will appreciate one of our anniversary gift ideas. And who knows, maybe it can make up for all the times you forgot!

Just the two of us

At GO DREAM we have several experiences meant for two – whether you’re looking for romance or just a good time. We believe that experiencing new things is more fun when you’re doing it with someone else. What makes experiences memorable is sharing them with someone special, whether it's a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or your parents.
In any case, an anniversary is a special occasion that should be a memorable celebration for everyone involved.