After Work Foot Massage & Wine
After Work Foot Massage & Wine

• Sink into relaxation with this foot massage & glass of wine at a Manhattan spa!
• Bring a co-worker or friend for a great time of laughs, relaxations, and drinks!
• A top-rated spa serving high-end wine is a guarantee to ensure the best session.

Treat yourself to a soothing spa session in the heart of New York City. This spa is of the highest calibre in terms of ratings and serves the perfect combination of relaxation and alcohol. Come in by yourself, or with a friend, and melt away as the stresses of the day are shaped right out of your foot. The staff is made of carefully-picked, trained professionals that know the perfect techniques to relieve stress. Be warned, there is no experience quite like this. You'll want to come back on a weekly basis for the perfect end of week celebration! The wine is fine, the massage is perfect, and the relaxing energies will be flowing. Truly treat yourself to a session in tranquillity!

This is the perfect spa experience for holiday, birthday, and celebration gifts. After all, couldn't everyone use an after work massage?

Duration lasts the length of the foot massage.
This experience includes a professional foot massage (with reflexology, depending upon location) and a glass of wine for the perfect sensation of relaxation.
For 1 - 2 people, ages 21 & up!

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After Work Foot Massage & Wine
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$ 100
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