Do you remember the last gift you received?  

The last present you shopped for?

Or do you remember the last experience you had?

And the people you shared your time with?


Be honest, we know the answer.

Because meaningful memories are always from shared experiences.

So why are we still gifting things, when we can gift experiences instead?


For the people who have everything money can buy,

the people who are impossible to shop for,

to the people who you know well enough, but not that well.

For the big dreamers and adventurers,

the ones who just need a break.

To maybe, yourself.


We make giving thoughtful, meaningful and generous gifts possible for everyone.

Even for the last minute, panicked, don’t-know-yet but still wonderful, gifters.


Gift experiences, not things.



The experience gift experts.



About Us:

At GO DREAM, we believe in gifting experiences, not material things.

Founded in 2007, we have always strived to provide people the opportunity to experience their lives and share the adventures through our unique gifts – experiences in a gift box.

With more than 2 million experiences gifted and many more in counting, GO DREAM continues to assemble the greatest possible range of unique and varied experiences around the world - from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, to New York City.



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