At GO DREAM, we live and breathe for experiences. We think in experiences, dream of adventures and then live them out.

Our mission is to bring together a wide range of very different experiences that we hope can give you inspiration and opportunity that you can use to spice up your life and live the dream. Take yourself out to experience a world full of adrenaline, taste, pampering, adventure and fun.


To experience is to live!

We believe that experiences give life to the soul, spice up your life and broaden horizons—and we think life should be full of them! Therefore, we do our part to make it easy for you to find good, exciting, romantic, quirky and unique experiences that can give your life an extra touch—big or small.


Experiences are remembered

Do you remember your last Christmas present? Maybe—but with an experience gift, you can be sure that the gift will be remembered.  Our experiences are numerous and selected with heart and careful consideration so that you have a great opportunity and give a very personal gift—whether it is for your lover, your friend, a family member, or for that matter, yourself.


What do you dream about?

Do you dream of driving a tank, flying in a balloon, walking on the moon, kissing a tiger—or something else? Then write to us —we will do our best to help you make your dreams come true.


That wish you have yet to accomplish can be your regret

Ask yourself: What has really been important in your life? Was it the flatscreen you finally could afford, or was it something else? We believe that your real regrets are what you failed to experience. Whether it is the girl who got off the train or it was the dream of flying a fighter plane—why not go for it?! To experience is to live...

GO DREAM is headquartered in Copenhagen, where we currently have more than 50 employees. Your easiest way to contact us by email at customerservice@godream.com.

Welcome to a world of experiences!