A Trip to Outer Space

An out-of-this-world experience

A Trip to Outer Space

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A Trip to Outer Space
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A Trip to Outer Space

Become the co-pilot of a rocket aircraft and embark upon a journey that will take you to the end of the world and the beginning of space.

You will be sitting close to the pilot astronaut on the entire trip. The takeoff will happen in an almost vertical position – a 75-degree angle – and you will feel the full impact of the enormous magnitude and pressure of the g-force. 2,5 G to be exact.

Going up, you will experience weightlessness and – when you reach an altitude of 70 -80.000 feet - you will notice how the sky begins to darken. When you reach your destination – at an altitude of 200.000 feet – you will be able to look straight into the infinite and pitch-black universe. And beneath you: The curvature of the Earth. You have reached the highlight of the trip. At this point, you will get several minutes to enjoy the spectacular view right before your eyes: The striking contrast between our beautiful blue planet and the immense dark universe. Afterwards, the rocket aircraft will embark on the return journey back to Earth. During the descent, the rocket aircraft will assume several positions and undertake different maneuvers and rotations. You will experience a spectacular panoramic view before touchdown - before you will be able to put your feet back on solid ground again.

Prior to the space trip, you will receive a profound astronaut training and undergo the proper preparations for being a passenger in a rocket aircraft. You will try out your space suit – and helmet - and you will undergo a series of medical health tests to ensure that all safety conditions are optimal during your flight. This is high-grade space tourism – make sure you are among the first to get a seat!

Expected about 5 days incl. training
The total experience lasts 5 days incl. training- Astronaut training and flight preparation of a 'Rocket Ship'- Medical examinations and medical tests- Flight to the frontier of space as a passenger in a rocket-powered aircraft. The safety standard is very high.
Anyone dreaming of experiencing space, Ages 18+The experience requires a person of good health.

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