Greenland Ice Hike for 4
An adventure for 4 people

• Experience nature on a whole new level from this ice landscape.
• Get a chance to "rough it" a little on a beautiful and inspiring sight.
• Take a break from the normal vacation to expand your worldly horizons!

The journey begins in Kangerlussuaq. We will be riding heavy 4WD vehicles along the longest road in Greenland; all 40 kilometers to the inland ice through a beautiful varied terrain. When we get close to the inland ice, we will pass a magnificent moraine landscape.

At the end of the road, we will hike through the moraine until we reach the Greenland ice sheet. We will spend approximately 4 hours at this spot – experiencing and exploring the impressive inland ice.

Sadly, only few people pass across more than 200 meters of the inland ice. Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity: The stunning view of an expanding ice landscape will unfold before your eyes when you move a little further into the inland ice. This hiking trip includes wandering among hills and valleys, fringed with crystal blue creeks, rivers, waterfalls and lakes – all formed by meltwater from the ice sheet.

If equipped with the proper ‘steigeisen’ (ice hiking boots with strap-on metal spikes) and trekking poles, this trip is for everyone. It is not particularly more difficult to pass across the Greenland ice sheet than to navigate any other form of hilly landscape. With 500 meters of age-old ice under our feet, we will find a beautiful spot somewhere on the Greenland ice sheet and eat our packed lunch. Beverages are included - fresh out of the meltwater lake!

On our hiking trip to and from the ice sheet, we will pass many beautiful sceneries and you will have a good chance of spotting the reindeer, the musk ox and plenty of different types of arctic birds and plants.

1 day
- A ride in a four-wheel drive vehicle into the inland ice- A hike through the moraine landscape- Stunning views of ice, ice hills, ice valleys, crystal blue creeks, rivers, waterfalls and lakes- Lunch and beverages- A good chance of spotting the reindeer, musk ox, plenty of different types of arctic birds, and arctic plants- A guide, spiked boots ("Steigeisen"), and trekking poles
Valid for 4 people
What to bring along: Hiking bootsA backpackWater bottleSunscreen and sunglassesWindtight and waterproof coat and pantsWarm underwearHat and gloves NB: Transportation to Kangerlussuaq is not included in the price.Level of difficulty: ModerateSeason: May - September

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Greenland Ice Hike for 4
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$ 590
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