5 star Las Vegas weekend

A getaway to the Strip

5 star Las Vegas weekend

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5 star Las Vegas weekend
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5 star Las Vegas weekend

Enjoy an amazing getaway weekend in Las Vegas 


5 star hotel on The Strip. Las Vegas is everything you expect and more!


Big brash and showy. The Strip is just like the Vegas you’ve see on TV and in the movies. It is the 'downtown' of the gambling mecca with most of the famous casinos with stores and theaters inside. 


It is a great place to see the the bright lights, all the people and the action. Las Vegas is breathtaking to see at night. The hustle and bustle, people mingling and partying, the neon lights, the unique hotel fronts and interiors is unbelievable, it’s a city not to be missed.


Enjoy a 5 star weekend here with your partner, friend or relative. Viva Las Vegas.

2 nights Friday-Sunday
Las Vegas weekendDouble room in a 5 star hotel
2 persons
Both must be at least 21 years old. Certain holidays excluded from this, i.e. New Year, 4th of July etc.

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