Greenland Ice Expedition
An adventure for 6 people on the Greenland ice sheet

Experience 2 days on the Greenland ice sheet where you will follow in the footsteps of Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen – as well as other polar explorers. In the company of an experienced guide, you will walk out onto the inland ice and meet the adventure first-hand. Be prepared to enter a completely different world.

We will walk across the Greenland ice sheet with the midnight sun shining from a cloudless sky and the light reflecting in the ice and the crystal blue ice lakes. We will admire the marvelous blue and white-colored scenery with its mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers. When the sun sits lowest in the sky, it is time for a well-earned nap in your cozy dome tent after a fabulous day.

You will also experience the extreme environment of the inland ice. On this spot, the ice sheet is relatively plane and completely stable. The available equipment is designed for withstanding the harshest conditions, but – luckily - the weather is usually very stable at this time of year.

This experience is an uncomplicated 2-days “expedition” on the inland ice sheet with overnight stay in Camp Ice Cap.

2 days
Transportation from Kangerlussuaq to the inland ice and back.All equipment for the overnight stay and activities on the ice including tent, sleeping bag, sheet bag, sleeping mat, steigeisen, trekking poles etc.All meals and beverages included.Experienced guide and safety gear.
The gift certificate is valid for 6 people.
What to bring along: Hiking boots, A backpack, Water bottle, Sunscreen and sunglasses, Windtight and waterproof coat and pants, Warm underwear, Hat and gloves. NB: Transportation to Kangerlussuaq is not included in the price.Level of difficulty: ModerateLevel of difficulty: 3 out of 5Season: May - September

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Greenland Ice Expedition
$ 2,000
$ 2,000
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