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2 Day NYC Bus Tour Pass

2 Day NYC Bus Tour Pass

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2 Day NYC Bus Tour Pass
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2 Day NYC Bus Tour Pass

• The pass allows you to access multiple Hop On and Hop Off Bus tours for a period of 2 days
• You can visit famous sights such as the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Soho, The Upper West Side, and Brooklyn, among others.
• The pass includes a Cruise around the Statue of Liberty and Downtown Manhattan and a 2 hour of bike rental

Central Park, Grand Central, Williamsburg, Downtown Manhattan, The Statue of Liberty; how does one see them all? There is so much to do in NYC and so much to see. How does someone decide what to check out and what to leave out?

With the 2-Day All City Pass, guests can see it all. Tour Downtown Manhattan, check out the Museum of The City of New York, peep the Bronx, or take a look at Brooklyn! You choose the departure point from any on the list of tours, and from there you can jump from bus to bus all day. Get the most out of the experience and see all 8 tours!

This is the best gift for people who are new to NYC or for those who'd just like to visit and see it all! Enjoy 2 whole days of unlimited touring and become a NYC sightseeing aficionado!

Each tour has a duration between .5 hours to 2.5 hours. Please follow the booking instructions found below for more details. The pass lasts for 48 hours.
This experience includes a Downtown Tour (Hop-On Hop-Off), an Uptown Tour, a Brooklyn Tour, a Bronx Tour, a New York at Night Tour, a Visit to the Museum of The City of New York, Breakfast at the Museum of The City of New York, and a Liberty Cruise tour.
These tours are for 1, 2 or 4 people of all ages.

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